CGE (Compania General de Electronica S.A. de C.V.), was founded in 1960
to manufacture electronic and electromechanical components.

In the 1970’s CGE was acquired by CENTRALAB, a subsidiary of Philips North America, resulting in tremendous synergy that led to CGE’s leadership in the electronic ceramic products in the Americas.

From 1986, being a 100% Mexican Company, we expanded product lines from electromechanic (potentiometers and switches) to electric components by adding motor run and lighting capacitors.

By 1997 our products were sold in 28 countries.

In 1999 the capacitor division of CGE was acquired by Aerovox Inc. All Motor start capacitors manufactured in the corporation were moved to Mexico City. We became Aerovox de Mexico, a subsidiary of Aerovox Inc.

CGE's electromechanical division continued to manufacture potentiometers, switches and resistors. These products are exported to Central and South America as well as a distributor network in the United States. CGE became Diseno y Metalmecanica (DyM).

CGE, the original investor, bought back the Mexican operation in 2002 after Aerovox’s financial restructure that ended in Chapter 11. The company is renamed as Nueva Generacion Manufacturas (NG).

NG buys Barker Microfarads Inc. and consolidates itself as “The best solution for AC Motor Start Capacitors” worldwide by offering the broadest line of capacitors to choose from with the highest standards in the market.
By focusing in service, quality, new products, R&D, and continuous improvement, NG will continue to be the benchmark for other companies to follow.

2005 (May):
NG buys assets of Norcap, Ltd, related with the Case Molding Product Line.

Norcap, Ltd. manufactures a broad line of phenolic (plastic) products sold to customers in the manufacturing industry. It is located in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA.

2005 (August):
NG buys all equipment and inventory related to AC Capacitor Division of Mallory AC Capacitor LLC. Mallory transferred all inventory, equipment, designs and process technology. The transaction included a license to use the Mallory trademark for motor starts, one patent and copyrighted material related to its motor start business only.

Both NG and its affiliate, Barker Microfarads, have been in motor start manufacturing business for many years and are even better positioned now to service the capacitor requirements in the market.


July 2006, NG reached an agreement to purchase Commonwealth Sprague Capacitor, Inc (CSCI) in its entirety.

CSCI is a leader in the production of oil-filled metal case motor run and power factor correction capacitors in North America. It manufactures and internationally trades AC capacitors and power factor/energy savings products for industrial markets. It’s products includes single phase AC capacitors for motor run, lighting, filtering, and general purpose applications as well as 3-phase power factor correction cells for use in power factor correction and harmonic filter assemblies. CSCI is currently manufacturing their capacitors in Juarez, Mexico.

In December 2006, NG inaugurated NG Asia which is the latest manufacturing facility of NG; it is located in Gaoyou on Yangzhou Province, 380 Km from Shanghai China, which is ready to manufacture capacitors since December 2006.

In an initiative based on “being near our clients” and following them to their manufacturing facilities no matter where, NG will service its key and most important/strategic clients from this facility. This decision is not only based on cost related issues but in meeting shorter lead times and performing better logistics practices to surpass NG current and potential client expectations.

Every single capacitor manufactured in NG Asia posses the UL certification. There will be not a single quality difference between a capacitor manufactured in NG Asia to the ones NG manufactures in its other plants located in America. This certification and quality standards possessed by NG Asia will offer huge tranquility to its clients.

NG philosophy and strategy is to manufacture Start Capacitors that meet top quality standards of America (EIA 463) and Europe (BS EN 60252), which we considered as one of various differences against all our competitors located in China.