In the late seventies, the Thai Government invited submissions for the development of a compressor manufacturing plant that would supply the needs of the many local makers of domestic refrigerators. Kulthorn Kirby was the outcome.

 The success of the Kulthorn Kirby submission was largely due to its being a completely independent supplier, and its ability to supply the proven and widely accepted Tecumseh range of compressors. It began as a joint venture whose major partners were the Kulthorn Group (Thailand) and James N. Kirby Pty Limited (Australia), but which also had as shareholders other Thai interests, including refrigerator manufacturers. Tecumseh’s resources, as the designer and a manufacturer of their compressor range, and the involvement of Kirby, the Australian Tecumseh manufacturing licensee, gave the new company strong technical backing.

 Over nearly thirty years of operation, KKC’s resources have grown and the company is now part of the highly integrated Kulthorn manufacturing group which supplies castings, sintered parts, forged steel components and electrical magnet wire to KKC and to other local manufacturers.
Within KKC, such diverse operations as steel coil slitting, component machining, deep drawing of steel components, aluminium diecasting and electric motor manufacture contribute to a highly efficient operation.

 The compressor range and production volumes have also expanded, and a selection of Sanyo domestic refrigerator compressors, made under license, complements the basic KKC range. Air conditioning models and commercial refrigeration compressors have become increasingly important components of KKC’s product portfolio, and the company is now able to offer increasingly larger compressors.
KKC is proud to be the leading independent manufacturer of quality hermetic compressors and refrigeration systems within ASEAN, and brings its many skills to strengthen the partnerships it has forged with its customers.

  Some of the key events in KKC’s history were –

  • 1980 Kulthorn Kirby (KKC) was established on 24th March, and plant construction
    started in July.
  • 1981 Production of AE compressors started on 8th August.
  • 1982 Grand opening on 13th January. Motor production commenced mid-year.
  • 1985 Pump kit production began.
  • 1989 Production of AZ small refrigerator compressors began.
  • 1990 KKC Apprentice Centre opened.
  • 1991 Company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 22nd February.
  • 1993 Non-CFC and AW (1 to 2.5HP) compressor production started.
  • 1998 CE mark, CB and ISO 9002:1994 certified.
  • 2000 ISO 14001:1996 certified.
  • 2001 WJ compressor production started, ISO 9001:2000 certified and UL
    approved, ref. SA 12028
  • 2002 OHSAS 18001:1999 certified.
  • 2004 KKC acquired 80% of the newly named company, Kulthorn Premier
    Company, Ltd. (KPC), producing small hermetic compressors under
    license to Sanyo Electric Company, Japan.
  • 2005 ISO 17025:1999 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.
  • 2006 20 millionth compressor produced on 21st February.
  • 2007 KA (3 to 6 HP) and LA ((7 to 12 HP) compressors were added to KKC
    compressor range.
  • 2008 Steel coil slitting plant opened


To be the leader in the motor compressor business in ASEAN

To manufacture quality motor compressors with on-time delivery and at a competitive price



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